Sound Healing. How An Hour Of Vibrational Therapy Can Rid The Stress In Your Life

Have you ever felt so stressed that working out, yoga or a good night sleep just doesn’t do the trick? In today’s society stress is more than a physical ailment but a mental one too. Even as most of us are falling asleep our phones rest directly next to us on the nightstand. For those seeking a new form of transformational relief there’s sound healing, a mental submersion into sound that takes us into a lucid, dreamlike state of being.

Hearing From The Expert

Glendy Yeung is New York City based and is certified in sound healing, panic healing, flower essences, crystal and yantra, who studied Neuroscience at Smith College. She defines sound healing as “vibrations from sound created by overtone emitting / healing sound instruments, to entrain the body and mind to higher vibrations,” translation, a deep state of relaxation to unlock negative emotions, rid anxiety and activate a higher state of consciousness.

What’s Needed

Sound baths can vary in their instruments. From bowls made up of things such as Dead Sea Salt, Mother of Platinum, Calcium Copper Silicate and Quartz Crystal, to a gong, Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes or drums.

Sound Baths have a simple requirement, sitting still. It’s recommended to bathe once a week for about an hour, more or less as you feel necessary, to feel the true effects in reduction of anxiety and stress. What time of day to practice in sound healing is dependent on the individuals need. Daytime proactive aims at physical and emotional stress, a chance to clear the energy for the day ahead, whereas night time tends to gear towards a spiritual level, a chance to unwind.

The Benefits

Sound healing can aid in body regulation, function and self-repair.

Los Angeles-based instructor Susy Schieffelin guided me through my first group sound bath at Urban Zen in Sag Harbor over the summer. Upon fully awakening and resubmitting myself to the present moment, it felt as though I had just slept for eight hours.

Group baths are a great way to communally connect to those around you. However, if you prefer to go at it solo, a private session allows for the instruments to be placed closer or directly on the body for a deeper impact.

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