Book Review of
“Spirit Junkie” by Gabrielle Bernstein

A few months ago I had a chance to hear Gabrielle Bernstein and Kris Carr give a lecture on “Crazy Sexy Miracles” and I was completely blown away by both of these amazing dynamos. Gabrielle teaches from the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles, and she spoke about how each time we shift our perception from fear to love we create a miracle. Our internal shifts enhance our external experiences. Serenity kicks in, fear subsides and we know that all the love we need is inside us.

When it was time for Gabby to introduce Kris Carr to the audience, she spoke about Kris’ diagnosis of cancer, and said something that struck me to the core. She said that the miracle is not that Kris has learned to live (and thrive) with cancer, but that she has learned to live without fear of cancer. It helped me to see the ways that fear is running my own life, in the areas of money, relationships and health, and to see that there is a better way.

Since then, I’ve done group coaching with Gabby, I’ve shared her work with many friends, and I’ve also had the opportunity to read her latest book Spirit Junkie. This book is such a valuable manual for how to choose love in our fear-driven modern world. Gabby tells it like it is – being a woman in your 20s trying to find your way in the world can be tough. Gabby speaks honestly and openly about her struggles with finding meaning, feeling different, trying to be cool, heartbreak, drinking, drugs, addiction and recovery. Gabby doesn’t sensationalize the troubles of her past, dwelling on juicy details. She bravely shares her story with a focus on the lessons she learned, and how she overcame her struggles to carve out a path of joy and love.

Through working with Gabby, I’ve learned that in every interaction I have – on the subway, at work, with friends – I have the opportunity to be a miracle worker. If you want to get more inspiration and happiness flowing through your life, I recommend you check out Spirit Junkie and find out how you too can become a miracle worker!

Here’s what our friend Kris Carr has to say about Spirit Junkie:

“I couldn’t put Spirit Junkie down. It’s a beautiful book with a profound message: choose love. But let me be clear. Spirit Junkie isn’t your garden-variety new age tome. It’s hip, fresh, edgy, and raw–just like Gabrielle Bernstein. Through personal memoir and modern interpretations of A Course in Miracles, Gabrielle shows us that an intoxicatingly happy and baggage-free life is possible if we’re willing to break our fear-based habits. Simply put, Gabby is a force, a trailblazer, a powerful spiritual leader for the next generation. She inspires her readers to rise up and walk the talk along with her. No matter where you are on your personal journey, this book is a terrific addition to your soul toolkit. Let Spirit Junkie be one of your manuals for a better life and then share the information with everyone you know. I will hold many of its wisdom pearls close to my heart.”

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