Spring Ritual

“Spring- a time of rebirth and revival”

Spring is a time of rebirth and revival, full of new possibilities. In Greek mythology, it was the time when Persephone returned from the underworld, and everything bloomed again. April 1, in fact, used to be considered New Year’s Day, and anyone who didn’t’ realize this was considered an April Fool. Most of us love to celebrate the season. We observe Arbor Day by planting trees and on Earth Day we clean up our parks, riverbanks, and wilderness areas. We take trips to see the tulips or cherry blossoms in bloom. We ‘re not alone in that spring tradition; In Japan, millions of people flock to their parks for “Hanami, “ their cherry blossom festival. And all over the world, major religious events are celebrated in the Spring. Easter, named after the ancient Saxon goddess Eeostre, commemorates the resurrection of Christ. Passover makes the Jewish peoples flight to freedom from Egypt, where they had been enslaved.
“Celebrate the promise and fertility of Spring”

Almost every culture, past and present, has some sort of ritual to celebrate the promise and fertility of Spring. In ancient Rome, the lengthening of the day that followed the vernal (spring) equinox was marked by sacrifices to celebrate the death and rebirth of Attis, the god of vegetation. Various goddesses of fertility-the Greeks’ Aphrodite, the Native American Spider woman, Mexico’s Tonantzin, the African goddess Oshun, the Norwegians’ Freya, and the Roman goddess Flora-were all honored in the Spring.

“Eggs, the universal symbol of rebith is associated with different types of Spring rituals”

Not surprisingly, the egg- the universal symbol of rebirth-finds its way into many different types of Spring rituals. In ancient Persia, Greece, Egypt, and Rome, red eggs, representing life and rebirth, were given as gifts during the Spring. In our modern-day celebration of Easter, children all over the world still decorate eggs.

“The beauty of Spring”

It was once thought that if you bathed your face in the early morning dew of Spring, you would have beauty all year long. When we think of spring nowadays, we imagine taking off the heavy clothes of winter, seeing buds burst with new life, and children being able to play outside later as the days begin to lengthen.
Throw a Joy Party this Spring ( Lighten up and open to new energy)
Invite your friends to come and dance for joy. Ask each one to bring a special song that makes them remember being incredibly happy. Each one of us has a special song that makes us smile and evokes memories that reflect the happiest times of our lives. As you increase the joy in your life, all of your interpersonal relationships will improve. Let’s set our intention to greet each other with smiling faces. And for an added boost, add some aromatherapy such as vanilla, blood orange or grapefruit.
Just inhale the aroma and enjoy!

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