The Superfoods Gift Guide

These are the perfect gifts for your wellness and self-care obsessed girlfriend, sister, mom, or daughter. Whether they sip matcha on the regular, Instagram their latte art, upgrade their smoothies and coffee with adaptogens, or have a thing for mugs, this list has got them covered.

Cloud mug from Haand

These mugs are handmade by two pottery-loving buddies in North Carolina. Their mugs are both beautiful to look at and comfortable to sip from! I have four myself in a few different colors and cherish them for my morning coffee or matcha every day. $31

Helen Levi’s Rock Candy Mountain mug

Born and raised in New York City, Helen Levi is a photographer and potter with an amazing eye! Her photogenic mugs are all over Instagram and are the perfect gift for your friend who likes sharing her morning rituals on social media. $52

Special spoon

There is something nice about having a dedicated, beautiful spoon used only for your superfood and adaptogen rituals! We recommend this unique Redecker jam spoon. $25

Glass straws

Glass straws are a must for any smoothie lover in your life. Single-use plastic straws are both ugly and bad for the environment, so upgrade their smoothie game with one of these beauties! We recommend these colorful Bermuda Tide straws. $24

Plates and bowls for all the treats

Healthy, upgraded treats deserve to be served on a beautiful platter or bowl! And somehow the pastel colors of these rainbow HAY bowls seem to complement foods oh so well. Prices vary depending on the retailer

Glass and metal French press

Anyone making coffee or brewing tea at home on the regular will love a high-quality French press! Stay away from plastics and pick from one of these gorgeous stoneware presses from Le Creuset. Starting at $50

Battery-operated milk frother

This travel-friendly gadget from Bodum Schiuma is a must for frothing milk or blending your super powders into your latte. $6.29

Four Sigmatic instant coffee with Lion’s Mane

This upgraded instant, organic coffee tastes amazing and contains the amazing mushroom lion’s mane which can boost productivity, focus, and creativity. What better way to start your workday? $50

Be Well Greens On-The-Go

Most of us are looking for easy, tasty ways to add more greens to our lives. These convenient packets are perfect for your always-on-the-go friend! $59

For The Love Of Matcha Kit

Matcha is here to stay, and with this pretty kit from T2, your matcha-loving friend can have their own tea ceremony at home. $55

Upgraded chocolate bars

Who doesn’t love an edible gift? Chocolate is my go-to gift for my kids’ teachers and my yoga teachers — and chocolates make great stocking stuffers too. Try these chocolates with benefits that add a unique and fun twist from Freaky Healthy Chocolate. $8

“Super Powders” book

I wrote this book to help people better understand how to incorporate adaptogens, mushrooms, and other superfoods into their lives. Not only do I explain the benefit of each one of my favorite powders in this book, I also included 50 recipes, from lattes and broths to sweet treats and upgraded popcorn! The book is available for pre-order now. $19.95

Adaptogens and superpowders class at CookSpace

Looking for an experiential gift? May I suggest a ticket to my class at Cookspace in Brooklyn on January 12th. It’s a great way to kickstart the new year with new inspiration and a healthy focus on self care! $65

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