Surrendering To The Flow

How many times have we heard the phrase, “just go with the flow”? And, how many people do we know that actually heed that advice?

Those people who do attempt to surrender to the larger picture seem to move through life differently, with a sense of confidence and less worry. Now, we aren’t saying that this way of thought is easy, nor is it a snap and all life’s issues are resolved – but there is something to be said about a sense of ease one begins to master when they are able to shift their focus to the now, verses the what now.

With the help of LA based, Mariah K. Lyons – meditation guide, 400hr RYT yoga instructor, Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, reiki master healer and holistic lifestyle leader – Mariah believes everything is intrinsically connected and works to find the balance and synergy between mind, body and spirit. We are tuning into her wise words, and picking up her mindful approach to how to surrender to flow in a world of many uncertainties…

MKL: Have you ever looked back on the string of events that lead you to where you are today, and realized you couldnt have planned your journey even if you tried? All of those moments, events, circumstances, opportunities, and people in your life who stumbled across your path for a reason, could not have been perfectly orchestrated and placed. Your story unfolded the way it did and now here you are

So why then, if we know that everything always happens exactly as it should, and that there is a reason for us to expect the unexpected, do we get so stressed and frustrated when things don’t go exactly as we planned? The key is finding the beauty in the change and surrendering to the flow.

Align Yourself
There is an unlimited and powerful universal current that connects all things, and when we allow ourself to surrender to this force, to the flow, we place ourself in the line of serendipity and magic. We can feel when we are in alignment with the flow, and we can definitely feel when we are resisting it. Its the difference between swimming upstream, or allowing a powerful river to help you get where you want to go.

Trust the Process and Take Action 
Even with the current moving with us, we still need to take action and steps forward and it doesn
t always mean that the flow is going to be directing us to where we think we want it to. Oh no, no. Oftentimes, we have a very different idea about where/what/when, and it is in these moments, that we tighten up, fight against the current, become headstrong and our ego and mind tries to figure out a way upstream. What we are missing in this moment of frustration and oftentimes desperation is a trust in the larger flow; it is with this trust, that we are able to surrender to the unknown, to the magic and the mystery of the beautiful orchestrated unfoldment of it all.

Ask Questions and Power up the Now
As the year opens up and we find ourself setting new intentions, goals and dreams, begin to tune in to the current flow of the now. Ask yourself, what is flowing in my life now? Where are the doors opening? Who supports me and wants to ride the flow with me? What do people continue to come to me for and why? What are the nudges and whispers of the heart that I am not listening to?

Tune into the current, and allow yourself to step further into the unknown. Take focused action and walk through that open door into the divine flow of life.


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