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You Have To Take Antibiotics, Now What?

I try to avoid taking antibiotics as best as I can. Yet, sometimes antibiotics are lifesaving and necessary. Antibiotics unfortunately do not pick and choose - they take out everything in their path — including the good gut flora your body needs to support long-term health. Here are some tips for what to do during and after a course of antibiotics to help your gut flora flourish again.

Test Mice

16 of My Favorite Health Stories of The Year

1) Warnings From a Flabby Mouse! The only difference between these 2 mice is that the top one was exposed at birth to just one part per billion of an endocrine-disrupting chemical. The brief exposure programmed the mouse to put on fat, and although there were no differences in caloric intake or expenditure, it continued to put on flab long after the chemical was gone. Important piece by Nicholas Kristof.

Taking a Stand Against Animal Cruelty:  <br/>It’s Easier Than You Think

Taking a Stand Against Animal Cruelty:
It’s Easier Than You Think

We are a nation of animal lovers: Fully 97 percent of us tell pollsters that we believe animals should be protected from abuse. But, are we willing to do anything about it? Not if our diets are any indication. Most Americans continue to chomp down on chicken nuggets, ribs and burgers -- inadvertently supporting abuse that they believe they oppose. It's a sad fact that farm animals are exempted from the Animal Welfare Act, and are exploited in myriad ways that would warrant criminal charges if they had the same protections as dogs and cats. This has real implications for the daily welfare of farm animals, as well as for our diets and our health.