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Digital Addiction

12 Tips for Your Next Digital Detox

Hunched over the laptop after work? Phone tucked under your pillow at night? Glued to the Ipad on the train in the morning? You might be a good candidate for a digital detox. Even if you don’t get twitchy when your gadgets start running out of juice, and aren’t troubled by eyestrain, headaches or neck problems, it still might be time for a digital diet. By periodically unplugging, you can start reclaiming the real life experiences that all those gadgets steal from us daily, albeit with our full permission.

Frustrated Boy

Death of a Genius

I knew an eight-year old boy who traveled faster than the speed of light! He was highly intelligent and need only be shown something once, if at all, to quickly process it and move to the next activity. He bored easily and needed constant stimulation from new ideas and life experiences. It seemed as if he had the energy of the entire universe expanding inside him and needed to expend it into the world otherwise he might explode from the pressure! His mother told me she was having problems coping with his high energy and was at her wits end. She said, “He doesn’t pay attention in school and I just can’t deal with him anymore.” She was going to put him on Ritalin.

Occupy Medicine Part 2:  <br/>The Power of Attention

Occupy Medicine Part 2:
The Power of Attention

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the need to take back the power of our own health from a pharmaceutical industry that has used fear to enslave us with promises of “better living through chemistry” by silencing our symptoms. It’s time to start learning how to occupy our world more effectively in order to find the freedom of recovery. The Attention Deficit Epidemic: When there’s no time to notice the complex relationships and conditions of our life, we have no choice than to reach for quick fixes. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the current epidemic of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) that seems to be ravishing our children.