Art of Attention: Meditate in 1 Minute

My mom recently asked me about meditation. I had three minutes to communicate this practice to her, over the phone, in a way that would both serve AND inspire her to continue a practice on her own. I was nervous and had no plan, but this is what I shared, and it feels right to share it here.

Lightning-fast meditation to balance your head and your heart — an actual, factual balance. Right now, as you read, feel how much energy it’s taking to read and process these words in your brain.

Now bring an equal amount of attention down into your heart. Even though we read and compute first with our minds, play with this for a few seconds. Close your eyes and feel the resonance in your heart as equal to the resonance in your mind.

Meditation: The Art of Attention

It took me 13 years of teaching asana, and over 17 years of practicing it, to finally take a seat for meditation. Until recently, if I managed to sit down to meditate, I felt the irresistible magnetism of the dishes, the inbox, laundry and the cabinet to reorganize. Nothing could make me sit still for… Read more »


The Reality of Being is a newly released book of writings and talks of Madame Jeanne DeSalzmann, who was called upon to continue the teachings of the Work after Gurdjieff’s death. I’ll be quoting from this book for years to come. One bit [that I’ve been sharing with a number of my classes recently] hits… Read more »

Art Of Attention: Stand Still And Choose

Recently I was on an airplane watching a show in which two adult women were discussing a falling out they’d had. One of the women, upon being confronted with a description of her behavior, replied by saying “Well, that’s just HOW I AM and I can’t change that.” Once I finished judging her for her… Read more »

Art of Attention: From Complaint to Gratitude

“No more complaining” About 10 years ago I sat down with my teacher Hugo Cory and he changed everything with one request: no more complaining. In that moment I remember wincing, nervously smirking and then insecurely, impetuously countering, “I don’t complain, I’m a yoga teacher.” Ten years later, after observing thousands of my complaints [as… Read more »