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Cauliflower Power:
4 Things It Does Amazingly Well

When most of us were kids, the sight of cauliflower on our plates usually inspired grimaces, followed by covert attempts to pass it to the dog when mom wasn’t looking. Recently I was speaking with one of my patients who was in the midst of transitioning to a healthier diet. She mentioned that she had just re-discovered cauliflower which she’d avoided for years, but now had “fallen in love” with – which of course was music to my ears.

Rainbow of Food

EAT THE RAINBOW: Lots of Good Reasons to Eat the Full Color Spectrum

Back when most baby boomers were growing up, a typical dinner plate usually featured a hunk of meat, a potato, some canned peas, a potato and perhaps a tomato “for color,” served with a side order of bread and butter. In short, dinner in the 60’s and 70’s was hardly the ultimate nutritional experience. Today however, we understand a lot more about the science of nutrition – and the health-sustaining power of plates piled high with fresh, preferably organic, produce. To harness all the benefits of nature’s bounty, you’ll need to “eat the rainbow,” every day. If there aren’t at least 3 colors on your plate at every meal – like the ones outlined below -- you’re short-changing yourself nutritionally.

What Vitamins Do What

What Vitamins Do What

The benefits of various vitamins, or nutritional supplements, are mentioned almost every day in the news. But with all the reports it can be confusing to know what vitamins do what. So here is a quick look at some of the major vitamins and minerals.