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7 Keys to a Blissful Birth

7 Keys to a Blissful Birth

I recently celebrated my son's 9th birthday and remember the birth like it was yesterday. Having the support of my midwife Stacy Rees and my boyfriend who both were keen on how to keep me comfortable, relaxed and in the zone was key! If you are pregnant or want to support someone in your life who is, please take these 7 tips to a blissful birth journey and add them to your arsenal. Remember to practice what you preach and that will make you even more effective in assisting the mother-to-be.

Slow Birth: Ecologically Attuned Maternity Care <br/>With Respect to the Balance of Nature

Slow Birth: Ecologically Attuned Maternity Care
With Respect to the Balance of Nature

Ecologically attuned maternity care with respect to the balance of nature. Over the passed 10 years or so, the slow food movement has seen remarkable growth. Everyone speaks about slow food, the ecology of mother earth, where our sacred food comes from, how it's been cultivated, even the soil composition. The food justice and sustainable food movement prides itself on preserving just food for all. Growing up as a lover of natural sciences and plant systems and botany I was swept into this movement by osmosis, working with folks like Anna Lappe, (author of Diet for A Hot Planet) and Bryant Terry, (eco-chef and author of The Inspired Vegan) I was surrounded by giants in this space, and people that like me revered mother earth and her fruits. And since I'm in the birth business, and have always been curious about the birth continuum, it got me thinking about this concept applied to a new type of birthing model, one that is age old but getting lost in the fast paced world we live in. That concept is SLOW BIRTH.