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Sleeping Woman

Creating Physical Awareness

When a new patient comes in to my office for a visit, they generally have some kind of acute ailment such as chronic headaches that they want resolved. The manual treatment I provide will help ease or even completely relieve the pain. But it’s also important to ask: what is causing the recurrence of chronic pain?

Michael Franti Discusses How Yoga Has Influenced His Life

Michael Franti is one of my favorite Musicians and has been making powerful and deeply felt music in all different types of genres over the years. Over the years he has built up a huge following through his joyful and politically charged music. He is also a peace activist, practicing what he preaches and plays at countless benefit events, including our Ubuntu Fund event earlier this year. But what many people don’t know, is that he is also a yogi. I sat down with him recently to speak about yoga and how it has helped him and influenced his life

A Short Mindfulness Practice

This short mindfulness practice is meant to be sprinkled throughout the day to support you in becoming more present, reducing stress, and being more effective in everyday life.