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Always Hungry

A Conversation with Dr. David Ludwig on His New Book: Always Hungry? Conquer Cravings, Retrain Your Fat Cells, & Lose Weight

For over two decades, Dr. David Ludwig has been at the forefront of research into weight control. His groundbreaking studies have contributed to new understandings of the relationship between diet, hormones, metabolism and body weight. Dubbed an “obesity warrior” by Time Magazine, Dr. Ludwig has fought for fundamental policy changes to support a healthier food environment.

The Gut Balance Revolution

Q&A with Gerard Mullin MD, About His New Book on the Microbiome, The Gut Balance Revolution

Today our featured guest is my friend Dr. Gerry Mullin, integrative gastroenterologist from John’s Hopkins and author of the exciting new book The Gut Balance Revolution. I recently sat down and chatted with Gerry about his new book—specifically about one of my favorite subjects, the profound influence of our gut microbes in health and weight loss. Here is what he had to say.

The Grain Free Family Table

Book Review and Anti-Inflammatory Recipes
From The Grain Free Family Table

In the introduction to her new book, The Grain Free Family Table, author Carrie Vitt shares the inspiring story of her sudden and debilitating health crisis and the nutrition-based path to healing which restored her health. Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and struggling to detox heavy metals from her body, Carrie embarked on a strict, grain-free diet, following the recommendations of her nutritionist. Over time, Carrie’s health gradually improved, and she ultimately reversed her auto-immune disease.