4 Steps to Accepting Change:
Letting Your Health Dictate Your Diet

Whether we are advised to remove foods due to a medical condition such as pre-diabetes or celiac disease, or we make a commitment to a specific diet such as Paleo, dietary shifts are rarely easy. Beyond mere sustenance, food is part of our culture and our social existence; it is embedded in our daily habits and is a source of pleasure and comfort. When we make changes to our diet, we inevitably make changes to our lives.

13 Resolutions, Solutions and Life Tweaks
For 2014

Resolutions. So many of us make them, break them and then throw in the towel till next year rolls around. For many it’s a disheartening ritual. Frankly, I think the idea of resolutions is somewhat outdated. Instead of making big, hard, doomed-to-fail resolutions, let’s break ‘em down, call them “life tweaks,” and commence making a few little adjustments every day. Look at what’s not working or dragging your body or spirit down and then start the break up process, like ending a bad relationship. If going cold turkey works better for you, then by all means do so. No matter how you go about it, the idea is to start letting go of stuff that undermines your body or soul.

Designing Resolutions for Real Change

Every January, I reflect on the year that has passed. What was accomplished and what remained undone? I consider the outcomes that I’d like to see in my life, and set out upon the New Year with a fresh set of goals and intentions.

As January approached this year I found myself talking a lot about building healthy habits, which got me to thinking about how our habits and our resolutions interact.

How to Actually Change

We’ve located the best health information in the world and we’ve even tested it on ourselves and experienced positive results and yet most of us bounce back to unhealthy habits time and time again.

Why is it that people find it so hard to make change?

Re-Designing Your Mind’s Architectural Blueprints

All of us have a downloaded blueprint in our subconscious mind of How It Really Is. I use the term “blueprint” because your belief system is like the architectural blueprint for a house…that someone else designed. Whether it’s finances, love, health, or any other aspect of your life, how you were raised, the lessons you were taught, and your home environment all informed that blueprint.

Small Steps = Big Change

Are you the all or nothing type? Go big or go home? I’m a reformed all or nothing type of gal. For example, one year I made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape, so I registered for the New York City Marathon. Did I actually run the race? No. I was so overwhelmed at the thought of winding around New York City streets for 26.2 miles on my feet as a novice runner that I never even tried. I also figured, not only do I not know where to start, it’s not like I’ll win, so why bother?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Do you feel heard? When you interact with your spouse, kids, parents, siblings and friends do you get the results you seek? Is there satisfaction and understanding in your communication, or do you feel like you have the same frustrations and complaints over and over again? Well it’s time to shake it up!

Consider that when you change, the people in your life have no choice but to change. Human relationships are a dance: when you change your steps, your partner cannot do the same old dance or you will trip over each other.

Rich Roll: Questions and Answers

Rich Roll is the author of Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself. I always tell patients that it’s never too late to make a change, and Rich provides an inspiring example that it’s truly never too late. At age 40 he was an overweight lawyer and he completely turned his life around and became an elite Ultraman competitor.

Here is a Q&A with Rich about his awe-inspiring midlife transformation and plant-powered diet.

Silencing the Brain-Brat Forever

The Handel Method’s® answer to the incessant voice of the brain-brat (you know, that little voice in your head that says “I don’t wanna, I deserve, I shouldn’t have to?”) is a principle called “Being Done.” And guess what? We’ve all employed this method unconsciously at one time or another when we finally “had it up to here” (or said another way, the consequences became too severe). But, did you know you can employ “Being Done” anytime- and at will? Let’s recall the times you already have.

In Praise of Evolution

The never-ending arguments about evolution and creationism (or intelligent design) mystify me. I can’t understand why one of the most beautiful and fascinating aspects of biology is so controversial. Evolution is all about change, adaptation, and dumb luck. It’s nature’s version of the Las Vegas crapshoot. It’s exciting, and sometimes scary. From a biological standpoint,… Read more »