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Powdered Greens

5 Ways to Get Your Powdered Greens

My patients are a fascinating lot, I am continually learning from them.They never fail to surprise me not only with their questions and insights, but also the creativity they bring to trying to turn a lifetime of hard living into a healthful one. Recently, I was talking with a patient about adding powdered greens to supplement his diet. He was eating a fair amount of greens, but still falling short. He needed to fill the gap to get his digestion function back on an even keel and help tamp down the inflammation that was eroding his health. Initially he’d been resistant to the idea – he didn’t like the taste, didn’t have the time, didn’t see the need, traveled a lot, had a hang nail, and so on. Eventually, he saw the (green) light and decided to give powdered green drinks a shot. Fast forward a few weeks and he’d become a green-powder fanatic, calling it his “Popeye Powder.”