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Facial Cream

How Traditional Treatments For Hyperpigmentation Are Actually Causing More Damage to Your Skin

As women in the beauty industry one of the biggest complaints that our customers express to us is chronic hyperpigmentation, or those unsightly dark spots that remain on the skin after a breakout is long gone. It seems that women are becoming more concerned about the aftermath of a bad breakout rather than the breakout itself. There has been much information circulating about acne and how to treat it, fight it, and prevent it but there seems to be little information on how to stop the discoloration of the skin surrounding the area of devastation. In response to this we’ve put together some practical solutions for those seeking to heal those pesky dark spots, and some tips on how to prevent them in the first place.

Anti-Aging Cream

How Your Anti-Aging Cream Could Make Your Skin Worse

We rely on our anti-aging and wrinkle serums and creams to make our skin look better. But what if that product you hoped would make you look younger actually caused an acne breakout, a red rash, or puffy inflammation? That’s what’s happening to many people who are using products that contain two particularly preservatives. These two chemical ingredients have been used for years, but lately, dermatologists are seeing an uptick in the number of reactions related to them.