The Pioppi Diet: Eat Like An Italian For Heart Health And Longevity

In his new book, The Pioppi Diet: A 21-Day Lifestyle Plan, Dr. Aseem Malhorta unravels the secrets of the Pioppi lifestyle, while revealing the misconceptions and revised truth of heart disease along with a dietary plan based on the Pioppi people. Read on for the full interview with Dr. Frank Lipman as he gains insight to Dr. Malhorta’s approach to heart health, his prescribed diet, and how to live like the Pioppi.

The Tool That Will Help You Enjoy Holiday Meals Again

As the holidays parties and meals are added to our calendars it’s easy for our minds to shift to an “all or nothing” way of thinking when it comes to our dietary limitations. This way of thinking about the holidays is not only no fun, but also sets us up for failure again and again. The 80/20 mentality is a valuable tool that shifts perspective and creates success when eating, especially in times like the holidays when our dietary habits seem to bend and break.

Are You Carbohydrate Intolerant? Here’s What You Should Ask Yourself

It’s quite debatable whether carbohydrates are essential for human nutrition, but for most people, they’re the fuel their body runs on. Going on an extreme low-carb or no-carb diet causes some folks to have barely enough energy to hoist a coffee cup in the morning. At the opposite end of the scale, overdoing it on carbs, even the good ones, ends up having a negative impact on mood, weight, energy, digestion, immunity, and more. In my practice, I would say most people seem to eat more carbs than their metabolism can handle.

How to Get Your Body Ready for Pregnancy

If you’re in a position in which you can plan and prepare for pregnancy, there’s so much you can do to optimize both your chances of getting pregnant and your own nutrients to nurture a healthy baby with ease. When it comes to fertility and pregnancy, there are a lot of things that feel out of our control but how you treat your own body and what you eat are in your control. Give yourself time to prepare and allow space in your life, both emotionally and physically.

Q&A with Dr. Mark Hyman On His New Book
Eat Fat, Get Thin

My friend and colleague, Dr. Mark Hyman is a practicing family physician, a nine-time New York Times bestselling author, and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in our field. He is the Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. He is also the founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center, chairman of the board of the Institute for Functional Medicine, and a medical editor of The Huffington Post.

We’re both pro-fat—and we’ve long discovered that the right fats can help you become lean, healthy, and vibrant. Dr. Hyman talks to me about the fat facts.