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Is "Doing" a Placebo?

Is “Doing” a Placebo?

Sometimes I think so hard I get a headache. And I really think I am solving my problems optimally this way. Upon further reflection, what has always preceded the fastest and most miraculous fulfillment of my dreams and visions has been a shift in consciousness, not thinking up a really good insight or plan. Dangit. What's up with that? There are multiple worlds in which we traffic. The world of our moods and feelings, though seemingly the most out of our control, may be the world that most impacts our results. When you feel good, don't good things just tend to happen? When you are open and feeling positive, conflicts are resolved more easily, things roll off your back and you are more likely to take risks. Instead of feeling like masters of our feelings though, this is the realm where we most often feel like victims, or as we call it at Handel, "weather reporters" (those who tell what's happening as though they were passive rather than active authors).