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6 Tips for Savoring Fruit in a Low Sugar Way

Summertime, and the living is easy. Fresh produce is hitting its stride and with so much fruit that’s ripe for the picking, it’s hard not to go overboard. Rich in fiber, phytonutrients and antioxidants, these mouth-watering seasonal favorites are also packed with notable amounts of sugar – enough to interfere with diet and weight-loss goals as well as mess with blood sugar levels if you’re not paying attention.

Gluten Free Breakfast Bars

Gluten Free Dessert Bars Recipe

Our friends at the amazing food delivery service Provenance Meals [www.provenancemeals.com] have another delicious gluten-free treat recipe to share, and we’re pretty darn excited about it. We get asked about good and healthy snack or protein bar options all the time, especially from our busy patients who are on-the-go and traveling a lot. These bars are a gift for all of you busy people. They would also be a perfect after-school snack or as a sweet treat in any lunch box. And did we mention; they’re gluten free, dairy free and egg free?

Sweet Treats and Sensible Snacks

Sweet Treats and Sensible Snacks

Summer is in full swing, and with it, farm stands and stores packed with fresh summer produce. The vivid colors, the tastes and variety of offerings make summer the season of edible earthly delights – and who among us can’t wait to dig in? So we snack on lots of fresh fruit thinking, “Oh, it’s fruit. It’s good for me,” and wind up over-indulging, thinking that the sugars from fruit “don’t count". By August, a few pesky pounds may have crept onto the scale, and the next question becomes “what happened?” The likely culprit? Those hidden sugar in your favorite summer fruits. So how can a fruit fanatic keep sugar in check without missing out on fruit’s nutritional benefits?