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Dye Easter Eggs Naturally <br/>With Onions, Beets and Blueberries

Dye Easter Eggs Naturally
With Onions, Beets and Blueberries

When we were kids, in the chemical-intensive 1970s, we thought nothing of using artificial food coloring and those fizzy little dye tablets to give our Easter eggs festive hues. Back then, we didn't know that chemical dyes could cause ADHD, harm development, ignite hyperactivity, compromise immune systems and cause sterility. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention even found links between food coloring and asthma, allergic reactions and lead poisoning, Organic Authority reports. As a grown-up in the enlightened 21st century, I'm not taking the risk. My kids and I are dying eggs using herbs and food -- the way my grandmother did -- and it's a lot more fun than playing with chemicals.