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Excess Estrogen

15 Ways to Protect Yourself from Excess Estrogen

Estrogen is a type of hormone that promotes female development and characteristics in the body. It is produced mostly in the ovaries as well as in fat cells, and helps regulate the menstrual cycle and reproductive system. It also helps promote healthy bones and is involved in blood clotting to help prevent excessive bleeding.

Cosmetic Collection

Combining Chemicals in Cosmetic Products May Increase Risk—Study

Look at the back of most skin care and cosmetic products and you’re likely to see long, convoluted chemical names that you can’t pronounce. But no worries, right? The beauty industry assures us they don’t use much of each of those ingredients. There’s just a tiny bit in each product, and they assume that such small amounts are safe for our skin and for our health. In fact, they often say they’re using the amounts recommended by such agencies as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has tested some (but not nearly all) of these individual ingredients for safety. A new study suggests that all these assumptions may be wrong.