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Angry Wag

3 Key Steps to Riding the Waves of Anger

Anger is big. Anger is monumental. Anger is, well, explosive! The common myth is that we often think the more spiritually evolved we become that anger just shouldn’t arise in us. But this won’t ever be the case. Whatever your comfort or discomfort level in feeling it, we all must and will experience anger in our lives. It is totally basic and totally human. The tricky thing about anger is that as a standalone feeling it is quite remarkable, awe-inspiring even, but when gone unchecked it gets us into massive trouble.

Difficult to Speak Truth

Does Your Truth Hurt?

How hard is it for you to say your truth? What happens when you see something you are in complete disagreement with? Do you squirm yourself to silence, inside? Or flick out the truth like you were tossing a handful of coins in a fountain? And how about the truth of the way you feel? Like—let’s say—when you feel scorched with jealousy? Or unhappy with the way your lover is treating you?

You and Your Currencies

You and Your Currencies

It's time to give thanks for all the various currencies in your "pocket." You've got money, time, food and love. Take stock of the currencies that flow through you every day. Did you know you are the master of them all? Did you know how you think and feel and how resolved you are about past incidents has everything to do with how masterful you feel about these currencies? I say we all start designing our relationships to time, money, food and love with a new gusto. Consider my suggestions on each area below.