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7 Tips for Understanding Food Labels

Ultimately, understanding what’s going on in your food, learning as much as you can about where it came from and how it was raised is essential to maintaining wellness. And if you can shift over to as many toxin-free foods as possible, so much the better

Calling All Californians:  <br/>Pass Prop 37...We Have A Right To Know!

Calling All Californians:
Pass Prop 37…We Have A Right To Know!

Citizens of California, the time has come! We’re counting on you to lead the way, to vote GM crops out from the shadows and onto package labels! We've got Big Agro and Big Food on the run – so let’s chase them off our tables by voting to pass Prop 37 which will require genetically modified (GM) foods to be labeled as such – and enable consumers to make informed choices about purchasing products that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).