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Tea Time

Enjoying The Healthy Benefits of Tea

Recently, I saw a headline that made my heart sing. It read “Americans Cut Back on Soda” and I say hooray to that! Its headlines like these that we in the wellness community have been waiting to see for far too long. Granted soda consumption’s downward slide has been a slow one, but it’s fantastic that rising awareness of sugary drink dangers has spread far beyond the wellness community and deep into the consciousness of the everyday consumer.

High-Speed Health: <br/>5 Reasons to Get Your CoQ10 On!

High-Speed Health:
5 Reasons to Get Your CoQ10 On!

When it comes to optimal health, just about everyone is looking for a magic pill, one that can neutralize free radicals, stave off disease, preserve organ health and rejuvenate us from head to toe. Seems like a lot to ask, an impossible dream – or is it? Turns out the magic bullet is already inside of us and it’s called CoQ10 – a naturally-occurring vitamin-like substance our bodies produce, but often, not quite enough of it. In fact, maintaining high CoQ10 levels is so critical to sustaining health, I recommend supplementation to most of my patients, particularly those who are over 40, battling fatigue or who are dealing with cardiovascular issues.