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5 Things You Need to Know About Chicken

Though America still eats more meat than any virtually other country in the world, consumption at home has been on a downward slide for the past several years. Concerns about factory farming methods and its environmental impact; animal welfare; potential health risks as well as the Meatless Monday movement, all have helped fuel the slide. And while some have cut out meat altogether, many people have simply swapped cows for chicken, thinking it a healthier or earth-friendlier option. Not surprisingly, the switchover to chicken has increased demand and the poultry industry has answered the call, in a way that’s anything but healthy for man or bird. In short, chicken’s got problems – and if you’re a poultry-eater, so do you. Let’s break it down:

The Story of an Egg

What does "cage-free" really mean? ….All it means is that the hens aren't kept in cages but they can still be cooped up in large industrial chicken houses with no room to walk around. And it definitely doesn't mean they're treated well. What does "free-range" really mean? ….All it means is that they must have access to the outdoors even though that outside space doesn't need to be very big.