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Moving On

Get “Moving”

We have all heard that for many moving ranks between death of a loved one and divorce as one of the most stressful life events. Yet after countless relocations I have come to appreciate, even look forward to, the opportunities for rejuvenation that changing homes prompts. By allowing us to pare down and prioritize, every move is an opportunity to get essential. I had to haul a lot of stuff around in my immediate post college life –across the country and back, out of the country and back and across the city and back– for these realizations to gradually emerge, until the day I had my Eureka moment.

Difficult to Speak Truth

Does Your Truth Hurt?

How hard is it for you to say your truth? What happens when you see something you are in complete disagreement with? Do you squirm yourself to silence, inside? Or flick out the truth like you were tossing a handful of coins in a fountain? And how about the truth of the way you feel? Like—let’s say—when you feel scorched with jealousy? Or unhappy with the way your lover is treating you?

Song of Freedom

Song of Freedom

What does existing freely mean? What makes it so difficult to live unencumbered, without restriction and utterly at ease? Freedom is our right. Living, in its most illumined sense, is the pure evocation of this right. Yet our day-to-day lives have become so mired, so overwhelmed by our messy, controlling, shamed, angry, muddled, and frantic small minds. What’s lost is our ability to live freely.