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11 Ways to Make New Friends and Cultivate Relationships

11 Ways to Make New Friends and Cultivate Relationships

Friendships come and go, ebb and flow, and, as we age, some can disappear altogether. While technology does make staying in touch (however loosely) easier, digital friendships can’t fully replace old-school, face-to-face time. While real friendships may require a little more effort, their benefits to physical and emotional health are legion


Buddy Up

Not so long ago a friend asked me how she could muster the self-control to drink less and eat more nutritiously on a regular basis. After a long day of work at a desk, bad weather (she lives in Belgium) and a hectic commute she is too wiped out to prepare a proper meal and would rather dine on a bag of chips and several glasses of wine while collapsed on the couch in front of the latest Danish crime drama. Does this scenario – or some version of it – sound familiar? Losing weight, quitting smoking and other wellness promoting activities are among the hardest changes to achieve.