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Connect with Nature

6 Ways to Reconnect with Nature

When the weather starts to warm up, we inevitably feel it in our bones as well—our own personal thaw has begun and winter’s hibernation starts winding down and we start to feel more alive. But those indoor habits can be hard to break. How best to take advantage of the emergent nature that comes with spring instead of spending the day in front of the television? Throughout human history, we lived most closely to the land. It’s only in the recent centuries that we’ve barricaded ourselves in high rises and giant track homes doing our best to keep nature out as if it wasn’t an inherent part of who we really are.

Citronella Candle

Bug Off, The Natural Way

Bugs. For better or worse, biting critters are as much a part of summer as backyard barbeques and trips to the beach, except they’re a lot less fun. Though welts, itches and bites are enough to make some people want to stay indoors till the first frost, there are a number of natural ways enjoy the great outdoors virtually bite-free. This season, instead of carpet-bombing insects with chemicals that may kill them and hurt you, try a few of my tips to help get critters to bug off naturally.

Salvador in the Organic Garden at Rancho La Puerta

One of the highlights of our annual trip to Rancho la Puerta is the hike to the organic garden. And one of the highlights of the trip to the beautiful gardens there, is Salvador, the head gardener, when he takes the group on a tour of the gardens and what’s growing at the time. Here he shows us some celery, tomatillos and a vegetable I had never heard of, Salsify. It was delicious, had sort of a coconut taste.