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Genes and Family History

Busting the Myth on Genes and Family History

Most of us were raised to believe that the genes we were born with are our destiny, and that the diseases that “run in the family” are most likely coming for us too. I myself have wrestled with this demon, as I have a strong family history of heart disease and I, now in my 60s, have many of the markers indicating that I should have heart disease as well.


Could The MTHFR Gene Hold The Key To Healing And Detoxification?

On her road to better health, Amie Valpone uncovered the underlying issue of all her symptoms. "One of the crucial things I learned on my healing journey is that because we are all encoded with a unique DNA, each of us has a unique response to chemical toxins and how well we methylate. Some of us can detox and process these toxins, while some of us cannot. Find out how the MTHFR gene plays a role in our health and detoxification.