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Things You May Not Know About Monsanto

A growing number of Americans are learning about Monsanto, the chemical company that has genetically engineered our food to withstand increasing doses of their chemicals, particularly the weedkiller, Roundup.

Food Labels and Ingredients

The Food Industry Has A Choice

Fourteen years ago to the day almost, I was in NYC at a conference hosted by Merrill Lynch as a financial analyst covering the food industry. If you had suggested then that I’d be writing this today, I’d have said you were nuts. When I worked as an analyst, I learned how the food industry uses ingredients or their artificial counterparts to manage its profitability and meet earnings. But never once while attending conferences or speaking with traders on the floor of the stock exchange, did our team ever meet with the chemical companies engineering their products into our food, ingredients that required increased use of a portfolio of chemicals to help them manage their earnings. And we weren’t alone.

GMO Apple

Questions Around the Safety of “GMOs” and Why We Must Label Them

There is a lot of “he said” “she said” science around genetically engineered foods. And a lot of bullying. Anyone who steps in to speak on the topic, regardless of which side that they represent, gets quickly slammed and labeled which is ironic as labels are the very thing that the industry is so allergic to. So do genetically engineered foods cause food allergies? According to Harvard University and studies conducted on the influence that funding sources have on science, it depends on who you ask.

GMO Labeling

GMO ‘Genewashing’:
Is the Food Industry Trying to Keep You Unhealthy?

You may be familiar with the term “greenwashing” –- a term describing the deceptive practice companies use to purposely give off the impression that their products or policies are environmentally friendly, when in fact they aren’t. Greenwashing was first coined in 1986 by an environmentalist named Jay Westerveld, and became popular when the green movement took North America by storm. Now there’s a new form of deception on the market and Naturally Savvy has a term for it: GENEWASHING. That’s right, you heard it here first! "Genewashing" is when a company deliberately tries to trick consumers into thinking their products are GMO-free, when in fact they aren’t.