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GMO Foods

The 8 Most Common Genetically Modified Foods: Are You Still Eating Them?

The publicity and interest in “going green” has increased awareness to serious environmental issues surrounding global warming. However, genetically modified organisms (GMOs)—also called genetically modified foods or GM foods—are another significant environmental issue that has disappeared in the shadows lately. What Are GMOs? Genetically modified organisms are created by taking genes from organisms such as bacteria, viruses or animals and inserting them into other, often unrelated, species. GM food refers to any food product containing or is derived from GMOs.

Soy Milk

Should You Be Drinking Soy Milk?

I remember when I first got interested in nutrition - it was right after I read a book on veganism. Immediately, I ditched my skim milk for soy. Soy milk in my cereal, soy milk in my coffee, even drinking soy milk straight from the glass! I thought it was the healthiest choice in milks because it was dairy free.

3 Examples of How Consumers <br/>Changed the Food Supply

3 Examples of How Consumers
Changed the Food Supply

If you have any doubt that consumers can change the food supply, you need only look to a few events earlier this year: Starbucks stopped using dried insects in their drinks after an online petition with just 6,500 signatures urged them to do so. Grocery stores removed pink slime from products after another online petition with over 200,000 asked for the same. And when social media took on the King, asking Burger King to go cage-free with their eggs and pork by 2017, the company agreed. Why? Change is being made by the power of Social Media.

Say NO to GMO<br/> Petition the FDA to "JUST LABEL IT"

Say NO to GMO
Petition the FDA to “JUST LABEL IT”

Genetically modified foods — there’s little doubt in my mind that they’re poisonous to the earth and dangerous to our bodies — and I’m certainly not alone in this belief. As people across the country have grown increasingly concerned about the dangers of genetically modified foods, a coalition of more than 450 environmental, agricultural, consumer and parenting groups has formed to petition the FDA for the right to know which foods are genetically modified and which are not.