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Breast Cancer

Prevention is Key: 90% of Cancers Have No Family History

According to a new report, studies show that when women move to the United States from somewhere like Japan their risk of developing breast cancer increases. Genetics don’t change that quickly, only the environment does. Breast cancer cost more than $17 billion to treat in the United States last year alone. That number is four times bigger than the entire FDA budget for the year, and the disease was diagnosed in 227,000 women, killing 40,000.

Health in Your Hands:<br/> Changing Your Genetic Cards

Health in Your Hands:
Changing Your Genetic Cards

Most of us were raised to believe that the genes we were born with were our destiny, and that those diseases which “ran in the family” were most likely coming for us too. Well, here’s pretty amazing news: those dreaded diseases may not be gunning for you after all! Contrary to what had been the prevailing wisdom since Darwin’s day, scientists have discovered that we have the power to alter our genetic lot, as well as our children’s and grandchildren’s! In the last few years, scientists who study the molecular mechanisms by which the environment and external conditions influence controls gene behavior have found that the blueprints encoded in our genes are not set in stone from birth. They’ve established that factors such as lifestyle and diet can heavily influence what roughly 98% of our genes do, how they behave and how they express themselves.

Book Review: <br/>Relaxation Revolution by Herbert Benson MD

Book Review:
Relaxation Revolution by Herbert Benson MD

Herbert Benson, MD, a brilliant Harvard Medical School professor, has been studying the science of meditation for decades. His pioneering book, Relaxation Revolution (Scribner, 2011), is packed with scientific research studies, practical tips, and guided meditations and visualizations on how to deal with a range of specific life challenges. I’m excited to share a few of my favorite Big Ideas from this mind-blowing book. So let’s dive in!