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Fearless Health

Fearless Health

Worrying excessively about our well-being can do us more harm than good. Here’s how to keep your health concerns in perspective. Most nights of the week, my family and I sit down to colorful, plant-powered dinners. But every so often, I tuck into a grilled bratwurst and a tall beer instead. And I savor them. Ironically, it was my breast-cancer diagnosis five years ago that inspired me to relish such occasional indulgences rather than wondering whether they would kill me.


5 Health Benefits of Giving to Others

Want to improve your health almost instantly? Then try giving up your seat on the bus, help out at the local food pantry or lend a hand on that D.I.Y. project your elderly neighbor has been working on for far too long. Doing so can put you on the path to better health. Volunteering – being of service to others without expecting anything in return – is good for boosting spirit and soul, not to mention building up those good karma reserves. What most people don’t realize is that such altruistic behaviors rewards the giver with physical benefits too – making service to others a health-boosting behavior.

Mindful Gifts: <br/>Eight Strategies for Saner Holiday Giving

Mindful Gifts:
Eight Strategies for Saner Holiday Giving

Fully 90 percent of Americans feel stress and anxiety about the holiday season, according to a 2009 survey by Harris Interactive, and the majority of that stress is related to buying gifts. “We’ve gotten into a toxic situation with holiday gift giving,” says Wanda Urbanska, a North Carolina–based simplicity and sustainability advocate and the author of The Heart of Simple Living: 7 Paths to a Better Life (Krause, 2010). “The worst-case scenario is dashing into the mall at the last minute and grabbing stuff, throwing it on the credit card, and not thinking about the financial consequences — or even what the person wants or needs. It’s a financial burden, it’s a time burden, and it’s an environmental burden.”