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Leaky Gut Syndrome

Do You Have Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Leaky gut syndrome happens when your intestinal lining has become damaged as a result of inflammation or irritation. Drugs, alcohol, gluten and processed foods can damage the lining of the gut wall. Leaky gut can also result from internal toxicity due to an imbalance of bacteria and yeast, which we call “dysbiosis.” When this happens, the lining of the gut becomes full of tiny holes, like swiss cheese, or a leaky bucket. In many places, the lining of the gut is just one cell thick, so leaky gut or “intestinal permeability” can easily happen.

How to Stop Snacking at Night

How to Stop Snacking at Night

I notice that a lot of our patients struggle with snacking at night. This is something I've struggled with too, so I've put together some of my favorite tips so you can get into a better rhythm. 1. Nourish yourself during the day. If you're running around and stressed all day, you may look to food (or alcohol) to calm you down at night. But if you're taking good care of yourself during the day – eating satisfying, balanced meals, practicing mindful breathing, laughing & loving, drinking water, getting some fresh air, breaking a sweat – you'll feel more relaxed in the evening.