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Five Healthy Foods That May Be Making Your Autoimmune Disease Worse

Are you eating healthfully and watching your diet as a way to manage your autoimmune symptoms, but you just don’t know why you continue to have symptoms such as bloating, upset stomach, joint pain or rashes? Although you are eating foods you believe to be healthy, here are five foods that may be triggering your autoimmune symptoms and keeping you inflamed, despite your best intentions.

What is ORAC?

What is ORAC?

A client recently asked me what ORAC meant, because she had read it in several health articles discussing antioxidants in fruits and vegetables. Here’s my answer. ORAC or the oxygen radical absorbance capacity measures the free radical destroying potential of a particular food. Based on a 100 gram (about 3 ounces) portion, here’s the ranking of the top 10 fruits, the top 10 vegetables, and two surprise foods: