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One Yoga Pose

Take Charge of Your Health – With The New Health Rules !

Happy New Year to all – and Happy New You! Tis’ the season of resolutions, of changes big and small. Time to brush up on your healthy living skills – and perhaps learn a few new ones. To help you do that, I’m kicking off 2015 with the January 6 publication of my new book, The New Health Rules: Simple Changes to Achieve Whole-body Wellness. It’s my personal compendium of integrative health’s wisest mantras.

Butter and Asparagus

BUTTER ME UP! 4 Reasons to Put (Grass-Fed) Butter Back on Your Plate

Recently, thanks in part to a recent Mad Men episode, I’ve had butter on the brain. As I watched Don and his team try to find something good to say about margarine – a substance all agreed looked and tasted awful – I was reminded of the era when butter got the boot, in favor of what we were told was the healthier, man-made, Space Age alternative: margarine. Fast forward a few decades and, not all that surprisingly, the processed, man-made margarine and butter-substitute products of yesteryear have proved themselves to be anything but healthy. Worse still, they may also have contributed to our rising levels of obesity, diabetes and heart disease – the very diseases they were created to avoid.

Grass Fed Beef

5 Reasons to Switch to Grass-fed Meat, Right Now!

The choice to eat meat is a personal one. Although I’m not necessarily encouraging anyone to eat meat, for those who to choose to include it in their diets, there is a better way: go grass-fed. It’s kinder to the animals, the earth, those who work the land and ultimately, your body. Here are 5 reasons why meat-eaters should go with grass-fed meats: