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Deliciously Ella's Healthy Must Haves This Holiday Season

Deliciously Ella’s Healthy Must Haves This Holiday Season

Deliciously Ella is an advocate that healthy can be delicious at the same time. When it comes to the holidays, however, this plant-based foodie is all about balance and enjoying time with family and friends around the dinner table. Read on for Ella's holiday wishlist, self-care must haves and beauty essentials, and tips to staying well this holiday season...


Salt Of The Earth – Why I Love Salt

People’s obsessions can be anything from shoes to cars. Most of us have something we collect, treasure, research, admire or lust after. My obsession is with skin and finding ingredients in nature that enhance, repair, heal and protect it. I get giddy over things we have in our cupboards that can transform skin. I love to find the latest “skin miracle” at my local grocery store.

Spring Pea Toasts w/Radish & Lavender

Spring Pea Toasts w/Radish & Lavender

How I love Spring, the colors... the atmosphere, sigh! These gorgeous pink, purple and green flowers I had inspired me to create some killer toasts with the very same colors. The taste is so refreshing and it's SO easy to put together. Whether you just want to treat yourself to a beautiful breakfast or snack... or you're entertaining for the Queen of England, I've got you covered with these babies. All you need are: Peas, lemon and tahini to make the base, I realize not everyone has lavender and I was one of those people up until like a month ago, but ever since I spent the $10 on Amazon to get a bag of it, I think my culinary street cred went up at least 20 points. Just sayin' -- buy yourself some, it's just fancy as frick. And radishes?! They're everywhere right now. I was lucky enough to find these tiny French ones, but good ol' regular radishes will do just fine. The toast is up to you, whatever you normally use. And voila... you have yourself a gorgeous appetizer or dish you can feel proud of.

Discover Your Nutritional Style

Interview With Holli Thompson About Her New Book “Discover Your Nutritional Style”

Dr. L: Its clear that you not only feel passionate about the process of one’s unique discovery, but that your understanding comes from a deep expertise. Can you say more about this? Holli: One of the core beliefs and guiding principles in my practice is that food has a profound effect on how we feel long after we are done eating. Not only this, but every person is different and thrives on a unique diet.