PMS Relief: 5 Things You Can Start Right Now

Woman in flowers

What is a woman to do with PMS? Ideally, we need to balance out our hormones. We can go about that in many ways, but a great place to start is with the basics. Are you eating the right foods, sleeping enough, managing your stress, exercising, and eliminating properly?

How To Sleep Well: 5 Common Sleep Mistakes And How To Fix Them

“Tell me how to sleep!” It’s a phrase I hear virtually every day. These days, millions of us are dealing with some level of sleep-deprivation, and that’s bad news for all those minds and bodies. Good, restorative sleep is a cornerstone of wellness and an absolute must if you’re going to maintain strong

The Pioppi Diet: Eat Like An Italian For Heart Health And Longevity

In his new book, The Pioppi Diet: A 21-Day Lifestyle Plan, Dr. Aseem Malhorta unravels the secrets of the Pioppi lifestyle, while revealing the misconceptions and revised truth of heart disease along with a dietary plan based on the Pioppi people. Read on for the full interview with Dr. Frank Lipman as he gains insight to Dr. Malhorta’s approach to heart health, his prescribed diet, and how to live like the Pioppi.

3 Reasons Perfume Stinks for Your Health

Perfume has become a industrial, virtually plant-free affair, far removed from its nature-bound beginnings. Modern day perfumes and fragrances, be they the ones you spray on, shampoo into your skin or moisturize post-shower, have morphed into vehicles that deliver numerous petroleum-based synthetic toxins into our bodies, making most scents little more than ugly subverters of health, wrapped in pretty packaging.