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John Oliver on Marketing to Doctors

John Oliver does it again. This video is smart, funny and very important -- it is a MUST watch. Drug companies spend $4 billion a year marketing directly to consumers, and $24 billion a year marketing to health care providers. John Oliver -- and I -- have some issues with that! Please watch and share your comments.

John Lloyd: An Animated Tour of the Invisible

I love this TED Talk by John Lloyd taking us on an animated tour of the invisible….gravity….the stars in day…thoughts….the human genome….time….atoms and on and on. So much of what really matters in the world is impossible to see. This talk will make you question what you actually know.

Mis-takes, Bagels, Perfection & Flying

Michael Beckwith tells us that even enlightened beings burn their bagels on occaision. Rumi tells us that there is no worse pretense than the pretense of perfection. Maslow tells us that there are in fact no perfect human beings. I often consult their wisdom when I find myself all up in their stuff because I just did something silly or when I'm struggling with something that was so clear just the other day.