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Safe Skincare

7 Skin Care Ingredients That Sound Toxic But Are Actually Safe and Clean

We’ve come a long way in the skin care industry. We now know that a lot of the chemical ingredients we’ve used for decades can be harsh, damaging, and sometimes even toxic. We’re turning to more natural, plant-sourced ingredients that truly nourish and protect skin without the potential side effects. Sometimes we can go overboard in our zeal for what’s “natural,” though, and end up avoiding ingredients that are actually beneficial to skin.

Wrinkle Myths, Truths, and Solutions

Wrinkle Myths, Truths, and Solutions

Is there a fountain of youth? So many products and procedures promise to shed years, reduce wrinkles and make you look 20 again. Some not only don’t work, but also cause your skin to age prematurely. Others can achieve some level of success. Learn what works, what does not, and how chemicals in your favorite products waste your money and damage your skin. Label claims are exactly that: claims. There’s often nothing substantive or truthful about them.