The Holiday Survival Kit: Bounce Back With These 7 Supplements

For those times when we know you’re trying your hardest, or even for those times when you just want to break loose but need to bounce back fast, sometimes you need a little extra help. Our holiday survival kit does just that. We’ve addressed the top concerns when it comes to navigating the holidays – helping us maintain our inner balance when it comes to digestion, stress, sleep, and even detox, so we can face the holidays head on.

Gassy, Bloating and Rumbling, Oh My!
Tips for Improving Digestion

When your digestion is working optimally, you shouldn’t even notice it working at all. But, for many of us that’s not the case… Gas, bloating, rumbling and even cramping are symptoms we experience on a daily basis. Instead of learning to live with the discomfort, do something about it today!

Here are 6 ways to deal with the causes and help relieve the symptoms.

Ten Reasons to Quit Your Coffee!

Coffee: is it good or bad for us?

You might get media whiplash trying to figure that out. The truth is, I find this subject to be as confusing as you probably do. After all, the media certainly doesn’t help clarify whether America’s favorite cup of joe is going to land you in the Doc’s office or set you free with a clean bill of health.

And when one night’s news report conflicts with another’s blatantly contradictory messages, it is no wonder why so many of you shrug your shoulders in utter confusion as you refill your morning mug and get on with your day! And with the velvety aroma and promise of energy from that caffeine jolt, you might rather just assume that there must be something to those beneficial claims…

William Davis on Wheat

Dr. William Davis, author of “Wheat Belly” exposes the incredible appetite-stimulating, overweight- and obesity-creating effects of this peculiar product of genetics research called “wheat.”

Dr. Davis discusses why “eat more healthy whole grains” is the biggest nutritional blunder made on a national scale–and why eliminating it is among the most powerful strategies he’s ever witnessed for losing substantial weight and reversing numerous health conditions.

Got Tummy Troubles? Try Giving Up Dairy.

Classic symptoms of dairy sensitivity are mucus, respiratory problems, digestive problems (such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation), fatigue, joint pains, and skin problems from rashes to acne. About 10% of adults are lactose intolerant and many others have difficulty digesting casein from cow’s milk. When casein is not properly digested, it gets into your bloodstream, and the immune system reacts, causing inflammation.

The Other Drug Problem

The prescriptions we take to regulate cholesterol, blood pressure and stomach acid are supposed to make us healthier. But could these medications be doing us more harm than good?