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Food Labels and Ingredients

The Food Industry Has A Choice

Fourteen years ago to the day almost, I was in NYC at a conference hosted by Merrill Lynch as a financial analyst covering the food industry. If you had suggested then that I’d be writing this today, I’d have said you were nuts. When I worked as an analyst, I learned how the food industry uses ingredients or their artificial counterparts to manage its profitability and meet earnings. But never once while attending conferences or speaking with traders on the floor of the stock exchange, did our team ever meet with the chemical companies engineering their products into our food, ingredients that required increased use of a portfolio of chemicals to help them manage their earnings. And we weren’t alone.

Hair Salon

10 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins in Hair Salon Products

In July 2013, a new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives reported that women with the highest level of “phthalates” in their urine were twice as likely to have diabetes as those with the lowest. Phthalates are chemicals used to make plastics, and they’re also common in fragrances and personal care products like hairspray. You’re likely exposed to these chemicals every day from the products you use, and particularly when you go to the salon to have your hair done.

Safe Cosmetics App

Is Your Make-up Toxic?
Find Out Fast With Two Health-Saving Apps

On this blog, my contributors and I often discuss the dangers of personal care and cosmetic products because so many of their ingredients include toxic chemicals that put health at risk. What’s worse, this chemical exposure is an essential part of the daily routine for millions of people who, in the name of outward cleanliness and beauty, are actually doing quite the opposite to their insides. So what does all this exposure look like? According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), for the average woman, it works out to roughly 168 chemicals via personal care and cosmetic products every day!

Organic Food Label

Is Your Organic Food a Fraud?

Organically grown foods can be--and often are-- mixed with non-organic ingredients, genetically modified organisms and artificial ingredients despite boasting organic labels. Organic fruits and vegetables can comingle with conventionally raised produce, be exposed to pesticides and other contaminants in shipping, storage and on display at your local supermarket. And sometimes, products labeled organic aren't even organic at all, like the recent case of an Oregon man sentenced to more than two years in prison for selling conventionally raised corn as organic.