20 Classic Toxic Load Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

Our environment is full of toxins. They are in the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat, personal care products and the things we surround ourselves with. Chronic toxicity can show up as a range of different symptoms and while it’s impossible to completely eliminate your exposure to toxins, there are ways to support your body’s own natural detoxification system. A proper detox that contains targeted nutrients to support the liver (the main detoxification organ), fiber to scrub the intestines and anti-microbial herbs to kill the bad bacteria in the gut is the best line of defense to dramatically reduce these symptoms.

The Step-by-Step Sleep Solution

Why can’t anyone seem to sleep well anymore? One reason is that most of us are unwittingly doing virtually everything in our power to prevent sleep from happening. Between our overly-wired up lifestyles and all kinds of work and life stressors, it’s easy to understand why few of us are resting easy these days.

On this blog I’ve often written about sleep because people always ask me how to do it better and where to find a simple plan that will make their problem go away. In that cut-to-the-chase spirit, I’ve arranged my top tips into a step-by-step guide to help you sleep better tonight – and set the stage for more restful nights to come.

Nature’s Miracle Anti-stress and Fatigue Fighters

Stress and fatigue. Judging from the proliferation of coffee and cupcake shops popping up these days, clearly caffeine and sugar are what a lot of folks are using to try to fight back. The problem is, they don’t actually work. Sugar and caffeine do offer a quick lift, but the crash is never far behind – so it’s back to Starbucks to start the cycle again, turning your day into a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. Fortunately, there are healthier ways to get through the day – and one of my favorites is with “adaptogens,” the special herbs that help your body adapt to stress and resist fatigue. Here’s my adaptogens-at-a-glance guide:

The Perfect Snooze:
8 Simple Steps to Sleep Better Tonight

Tossing and turning. Sleeping but not waking up feeling refreshed. Waking up during the night. Though they’re all common complaints, that doesn’t make them any less aggravating. Trouble is, much of what we do during the day can undermine our ability to sleep at night. So what’s a bleary-eyed person to do? Make a few simple changes by day to snooze like a pro at night. Here’s where to start:

Relax & Sleep Like a Baby

Think about how you’d feel right now if you were resting on a soft blanket, under the stars in a meadow of beautiful flowers, with a soft breeze …

That’s the feeling you want to have when you go to sleep each night.

And now you can.

With flower essences: aqueous infusions of specific flowers that help relax you during the day and sleep more deeply at night.