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Butter and Asparagus

BUTTER ME UP! 4 Reasons to Put (Grass-Fed) Butter Back on Your Plate

Recently, thanks in part to a recent Mad Men episode, I’ve had butter on the brain. As I watched Don and his team try to find something good to say about margarine – a substance all agreed looked and tasted awful – I was reminded of the era when butter got the boot, in favor of what we were told was the healthier, man-made, Space Age alternative: margarine. Fast forward a few decades and, not all that surprisingly, the processed, man-made margarine and butter-substitute products of yesteryear have proved themselves to be anything but healthy. Worse still, they may also have contributed to our rising levels of obesity, diabetes and heart disease – the very diseases they were created to avoid.

Poet and Musician, Michael Franti Discusses Ubuntu

One of my favorite musicians and people, Michael Franti, was our guest musician at the 2013 Ubuntu Benefit gala. It was huge success thanks to Michael and actually the best benefit we have ever had. The next day I sat down to chat with him and here we talk about Ubuntu. Michael lives his life in the true spirit of Ubuntu.