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11 Ways to Make New Friends and Cultivate Relationships

11 Ways to Make New Friends and Cultivate Relationships

Friendships come and go, ebb and flow, and, as we age, some can disappear altogether. While technology does make staying in touch (however loosely) easier, digital friendships can’t fully replace old-school, face-to-face time. While real friendships may require a little more effort, their benefits to physical and emotional health are legion


5 Health Benefits of Giving to Others

Want to improve your health almost instantly? Then try giving up your seat on the bus, help out at the local food pantry or lend a hand on that D.I.Y. project your elderly neighbor has been working on for far too long. Doing so can put you on the path to better health. Volunteering – being of service to others without expecting anything in return – is good for boosting spirit and soul, not to mention building up those good karma reserves. What most people don’t realize is that such altruistic behaviors rewards the giver with physical benefits too – making service to others a health-boosting behavior.