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Salmon Avocado Salad

3 Simple Recipes for a Nourishing Lunch

To avoid the afternoon energy dip that a carbohydrate-rich meal often imparts, my favorite lunch includes lots of protein and healthy fats and few grains or legumes, if any. In the middle of a busy day, I turn to recipes that require 10 minutes or less of prep or cook time. Because these meals are so easy and satisfying, I keep my fridge and pantry stocked with the following ingredients to ensure an expedient and nourishing lunch:

Boys Eating Fruit

Healthy Food Ideas For Your Baby

Letting your baby taste some food for the first time is such a special moment. To see the reaction on their cute little faces as they try to figure out what just happened is pure entertainment! I remember watching my own boy grabbing his pear and sweet potato sticks and chewing away on it with his bare gums. So then comes the question too – what should I feed my baby? In this context it’s important to mention that the WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding until 5-6 months and supplemental breastfeeding (nursing as well as other foods) until 23 months.

Eating Healthy on a Budget

10 Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Eating healthy doesn’t always need to be expensive - with some guidance and a little bit of planning, you can be eating healthfully while saving money! Here are the top 10 ways you can reduce your grocery bill without sacrificing your health:

Lentil Soup

A Week of Gluten-Free Meal Ideas

Curious about cutting out gluten but have no idea what you’d eat? I’ve got you covered. When people first consider going gluten free, or even trying to reduce the amount of gluten in their diet, they’re often left wondering “but what’s left to eat?” Especially in America, with a seemingly endless supply of gluten-filled muffins, pastries, pasta, processed snack foods and overflowing bread baskets, it may seem like a daunting task to find foods without gluten. The truth is, getting rid of gluten doesn’t have to be a painful, restrictive process. By eating in line with the meal choices I’ve laid out below, you’ll realize how abundant and delicious your gluten free choices are. Your tastebuds will be so satisfied, you won’t remember the word gluten existed!