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Yogurt Containers

A Report Highlights Rampant Misleading Marketing Efforts by Leading Yogurt Brands

A new report released by organic advocacy group, The Cornucopia Institute, highlights rampant misleading marketing efforts by leading yogurt brands in the industry. The report points to major yogurt makers including Dannon, Yoplait and Chobani of turning yogurt—a longtime health food—into little more than junk food loaded with artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and emulsifiers.

Decoding Health Media

Decoding Health Media

In January 2012, health reporter Tara Parker-Pope wrote a cover story for the New York Times Magazine titled “The Fat Trap.” The 5,500-word article, packed with pedigreed sources, explored the science of weight loss. Its conclusion? For most obese people, permanent weight loss is a pipe dream. The piece was widely disseminated — this was the Times, after all. It was broadcast on radio stations and television news reports, and big media outfits like National Public Radio and the Huffington Post interviewed Parker-Pope herself to spread the once-fat-always-fat message.