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Crowdfunding Anti-Monsanto Film: <br/>Will You Help?

Crowdfunding Anti-Monsanto Film:
Will You Help?

Movies have always been a great way to mix education and entertainment. In many ways they can do more to raise widespread awareness for a topic than any documentary or news story. Think of how much the film “Philadelphia” did for AIDS awareness, the way “Dead Man Walking” tackled the death penalty, or how “Milk” educated a new generation about the efforts of Harvey Milk. I’ve been fed up with what Monsanto is doing and how they’ve been treating farmers for a long time. I also believe that we need to know as much as possible about the foods we eat and whether or not they contain GMOs

Comic Relief:<br/> 7 Simple Ways to Laugh More Every Day

Comic Relief:
7 Simple Ways to Laugh More Every Day

In my earlier post, COMIC RELIEF: THE HEALING POWER OF LAUGHTER, I presented just a few of laughter’s healing properties, including reduced blood pressure, blood sugar, stress and cortisol levels. Adding humor to our daily roster of health-supporting activities is an easy and pleasurable must-do, but how to pack more laughter into the day when tough times can seem to conspire against it? Well, spontaneous as the physical act of laughing is, you can set the stage for more humor in your life – if you know where to look. Here are 7 simple ways to put more laughter in your day.