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Moving On

Get “Moving”

We have all heard that for many moving ranks between death of a loved one and divorce as one of the most stressful life events. Yet after countless relocations I have come to appreciate, even look forward to, the opportunities for rejuvenation that changing homes prompts. By allowing us to pare down and prioritize, every move is an opportunity to get essential. I had to haul a lot of stuff around in my immediate post college life –across the country and back, out of the country and back and across the city and back– for these realizations to gradually emerge, until the day I had my Eureka moment.

Get Off Your Duff — Save Your Life

Get Off Your Duff — Save Your Life

As we all know, daily exercise is absolutely critical to maintaining health — no big news here. And for those of you who are doing the daily routine, keep up the good work! Recently though, several studies have come to the disturbing conclusion that daily exercise may not be enough to combat the effects of prolonged bouts of sitting. It appears that all the sitting most of us now do (let’s hear it for the digital age) is putting us directly on the path to increased risks for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even early death — which is very bad news for millions of office workers.