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12 Healthy, Antibiotic-Free Ways to Prevent UTIs

12 Healthy, Antibiotic-Free Ways to Prevent UTIs

For many women, urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are a recurring and painful annoyance whose standard treatment is usually a round of antibiotics, which, ironically can increase the chances of having another one – not to mention boost antibiotic-resistance risk. While every patient in pain wants to stop it as quickly as possible, in the long-term, multiple rounds of antibiotics aren’t the answer – prevention is. To help keep UTIs from taking hold, try a few lifestyle adjustments – and save the antibiotics for a real emergency...

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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Common Ailments

When you’re fighting a cold, a headache or other minor ailment, home remedies can offer powerful support. Through research, education and lots of trial and error, I’ve built up quite a supply of natural remedies, and my medicine cabinet is overflowing with ingredients to help me and my family through everything from digestive complaints to cold and flu season. Here our the top 10 natural remedies to support your health and the health of your families and friends.