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Little Kids Rock!

David Wish founded a national nonprofit organization called Little Kids Rock to make up for the lack of music in economically disadvantage public schools.

Friends In Deed, Crisis Center for Life-Threatnening Illness

Back in 1991, the twin epidemics of AIDS and cancer were raging. An overwhelming number of people, faced with the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, were living in a state of confusion, shock and even terror. Overworked doctors did not have time for the emotional and spiritual needs of their patients. There was no place to turn to for support That's when Friends In Deed - the Crisis Center for Life-Threatening Illness - was born. Since that time, many thousands of people diagnosed with HIV, cancer, or other life-threatening physical illnesses - caregivers, family and friends of those who are ill, and all living with grief and bereavement - have found a safe space at Friends In Deed where they can reconnect to a sense of possibility.